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Michael "Big Stove" Stover


Michael "Big Stove" Stover, hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. His towering presence, both on stage and behind the scenes, makes him an invaluable asset to emerging artists seeking guidance and mentorship. As an artist manager and co-founder of Artists Aligned, Big Stove utilizes his extensive skills and network to provide a strong foundation for aspiring musicians looking to make a mark in the industry.

Drawing from his own experiences as a dynamic performer, Big Stove possesses an innate understanding of the hard work and dedication required to excel as an artist. His unique background, having transitioned from singing in church and university choirs to becoming an accomplished rapper, enables him to empathize with the challenges faced by emerging talents. With a keen ear for lyricism and an unwavering commitment to creating meaningful music, Big Stove is the ideal mentor for artists seeking to elevate their craft.

Big Stove's vast network of industry connections, forged through years of performing at prestigious events like SXSW and festivals in Cleveland and Miami, provides his clients with unparalleled access to opportunities and collaborations. Working with Big Stove means benefiting from his extensive knowledge, resources, and relationships, which are crucial for any artist looking to break into the competitive music landscape.

As an artist manager, Big Stove is dedicated to helping his clients achieve their full potential. He understands the importance of refining stage presence and performance skills, as well as the necessity of building a strong personal brand. With his guidance, artists will learn how to captivate audiences, craft powerful narratives, and create a unique, lasting impression in the industry.

In summary, Michael "Big Stove" Stover is the ultimate artist manager for those seeking a head start in their music career. His passion, expertise, and commitment to excellence will mold you into a top-notch performer, setting the stage for a successful and enduring journey in the world of music.



Kent State University

B.A. in Applied Communication.

This gave me the foundation to have these meetings with labels and management in the industry. This taught me how to sell my goals as well as my clients image.


Full Sail University

M.S. in Entertainment Business

Knowing the business is half the battle, with this degree I have learned how to grasp label talk and how to align my clients in the right directions.

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